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Hello Dear Members,

We have an announcement to make.

We migrated our website to a new domain

Reason : Notification emails were going to spam folder.

in detail: In beginning we had started a marketing campaign for promotion but after that our site's notification emails were start going into spam folder in gmail,

we immediately stopped that promotion but now its more then 6 months and emails still going to spam folder,

we tried to fix it but didn't got success, not sure why gmail detecting our site's notification emails as spam,

Well, so migrated our site to new domain and tested the notifications, emails were safely delivered in inbox,

So we decided and migrated all users till 24th January 2020 to new domain

All users who joined here till 24th January 2020 can also access their account on My Sister Wives Dating with only username/password, and can not log-in with email/password, needs to add and verify their email first to get log-in.

All members who don't remember or forgot their username, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] to update their email.

Members who don't like this can delete their profile or can request us to delete their profiles from both sites.

We are not going to shut down , we will still continue with it as we believe that one day we will manage to fix the gmail's/spam issue.

But for this inconvenience (if any) we are going to make Polygamy Dating free for next 3 months and requesting all new and existing users to check their spam folder for our emails and if found then please mark them as not spam,

If emails were start delivering into inbox folder within next 3 months then we promise we will run our site for free with all feature access till next 3 years,

If failed then we will hire a professional to fix this issue and will make it limited for free users again, (sorry we don't have much options) .

Help us to help you.

Feel free to contact for any other issue or anything else.

Thank you

Hello to all users,

Today we have added a Credit system because not everyone want's to spend money on VIP membership. (it can be/maybe great for free users.)

With this feature users can earn and can spend their earned credits to extend their free membership features.

Users can see a "My credits" widget on Dashboard page (Desktop version only) and on Upgrade page on mobile version/android app.

On "My credits" widget users can see their credit balance,

on same widget users can check 'Cost per action' by clicking on 'Cost of actions' link,

and also can check their credit uses history by clicking on 'History' link.

Users can also grant credits to other users (only via desktop version).

(other users profile > MORE > Grant Credits > Credits to give > GRANT.)

(users may need/want to give some credits to female users to chat)

Users can receive and spend credits for performing the following actions, 

User can also buy the credits via upgrade page, Right now 100 credits is equal to $1.00 USD and if needed then we will increase or decrease the cost and cost per action, but will announce that first.

We hope it will be good for both (us and users) of us.

Feel free to reply for any query or support.

Thank you

Happy Polygamy


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